Grinding Research Featured in Magazine

The Language of Grinding by Elize Schmelzer

March 13, 2014

This is how communication works on the modern dance floor. Little is said. The times of “May I have this dance” are long gone. Although not every man uses them, these “surprise approaches” are undeniable occurrences. In fact, these methods are the most common ways grinding starts, according to Shelly Ronen, a Ph.D. candidate at New York University. (Yes, there is research on grinding.)

Ronen found that the most common way a man initiated grinding was by approaching from behind with no prior communication. This approach was also the least likely to succeed, according to her article, “Grinding on the Dance Floor: Gendered Scripts and Sexualized Dancing at College Parties.” But this low rate of success doesn’t matter.

“There is a general sense that men need to try as much as possible to get to dance with women; there is more of an emphasis on try and try again,” Ronen says.

read the whole piece here.


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