Union-busting NYU Provost Finalist for UF Presidency

McLaughlin ‘has done wonders’ at NYU by Erin Jester

Gainsville Sun, October 14, 2014

McLaughlin expanded faculty governance, including both tenure-track and non-tenure elected faculty representatives on committees, Vintinner said. As a result, participation in faculty governance increased.

But he also had a hand in ending the first union of graduate student workers at a private university, in 2005, when he and NYU executive vice president Jacob Lew refused to negotiate a new contract at the end of the union’s fifth year of existence.

Since then, “We’ve had a really long and hard fight for a contract negotiation,” said Shelly Ronen, a graduate student in NYU’s sociology department and a member of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee’s bargaining unit.

GSOC and university administration are currently negotiating a new contract for graduate student workers, although Ronen said the two sides are having difficulty reaching an agreement.

McLaughlin hasn’t had much of a role in labor negotiations in the last several years.

However, Ronen said, “I think graduate workers at the University of Florida need to be watching this decision very carefully.”

read the whole piece here.


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