Indiegogo: Where do sex toys go-go on the internet?

As you know, I’m researching companies at the intersection of sexuality and technology. The companies in this space vary from the just starting up to the veteran moguls. I just  Eva by Dame, the brainchild of Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman.
EVA by DAME. Image courtesy DAME products
They have already met their fundraising goal tenfold! Other up and comings have similar stories. While the market penetration (yes, it’s a pun) of these kinds of smaller start-ups is undeniably marginal compared to the Doc Johnsons of the world, they are still an indication of what’s to come. For, if the lifecycle of other startups is anything to go by, these smaller innovators end up being acquired by the big dogs anyway.
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 9.05.08 AM
Along this fascinating dissertation path, I’ve been struck by so many things, but today’s observation is surprisingly not about sex culture. It’s fascinating how many of these new projects are first funded on indiegogo! Last year, the crowd-funding site saw the Ambrosia vibe, developed by the mysterious Physicist Dr. X-treme. Ambrosia is a strap-on system that allows a female-bodied user to receive sensation from a strap-on dildo. To that, add the handy vibrator holster Glov, the ingenious but terrifying Handie, long-distance sex system Lovense, and sonic vibrator Revel Body and you start to see that indiegogo is where sex toy development is at!
handie for men
The Handie. Image courtesy Rockit
Ok, so not every product pitch is successful, but some are. And the crowd-funding model is bringing a democratic approach to the development of sex toys. It would be fascinating to compare the attributes of the video pitches that win and those that don’t. Perhaps I’ll do that. Stay tuned.

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